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Kill Your Career Page &
Start Over

Guest Post by Meredith Toole “Kill your career page.” It was a recommendation I made to a client last week. I was met with a blank stare and…

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Google streamlines search results by removing key Google Authorship features

Google made the decision to remove Google Plus profile images and circle metadata from Authorship-enabled search results. This change sent online authors reeling because, as we previously wrote about,…

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How to manage LinkedIn Showcase Pages that effectively target your audience

High-search visibility and more than 200 million registered LinkedIn users make your company page more than just another social media account, it is an excellent informational supplement to your website. Showcase…

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10 Bright Reads

Stay ahead of the digital marketing curve with these ten articles to help improve your social media strategy, landing pages, content marketing efforts, and more.

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Super Bowl ad tactics that work for your business' digital marketing strategy

Companies dish out millions of dollars and push some of their best work to be seen in the Marketing Super Bowl. As a viewer (and a digital marketer),…

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2013 Year In Review

It’s hard to believe 2014 is already upon us! Before we rush into the New Year, we’d like to share with you some important website and digital…

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Usability kudo of the day:
Chat support for forgotten login information

Logging into websites is not always easy. Every so often you just forget which username and password. And if you try to many combinations, sometimes they lock you out (just…

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Homepage slideshows are more popular than they should be - ignore the fad

Slideshows (or carousels) are a popular homepage feature that allow multiple pieces of content to occupy prime real estate above the fold. I admit, it is easy to get sold…

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How Companies Can Improve
Their PR Results

Have you ever worked long hours for months or years to develop a product and then been disappointed with the PR results after its launch? The answer is probably…

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Balancing automated & live chat messages to enhance usability

Chat functions on websites deliver a luxury that is so rare in today’s automated service industry: human assistance. Well, most of the time. Sometimes, things get caught in…

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