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Usability kudo of the day:
Chat support for forgotten login information

Logging into websites is not always easy. Every so often you just forget which username and password. And if you try to many combinations, sometimes they lock you out (just…

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Homepage slideshows are more popular than they should be - ignore the fad

Slideshows (or carousels) are a popular homepage feature that allow multiple pieces of content to occupy prime real estate above the fold. I admit, it is easy to get sold…

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How Companies Can Improve
Their PR Results

Have you ever worked long hours for months or years to develop a product and then been disappointed with the PR results after its launch? The answer is probably…

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Balancing automated & live chat messages to enhance usability

Chat functions on websites deliver a luxury that is so rare in today’s automated service industry: human assistance. Well, most of the time. Sometimes, things get caught in…

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Changes to the web aren't about the web at all; They're about the user

Smashing Magazine recently posted an excellent article analyzing one intriguing question:  How much has the web really changed?. The article dispels several generalizations from the web of yester-year and…

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What is the best way to leverage social media for your business?

I recently engaged in a few LinkedIn discussions inquiring how often a business should post to different social media outlets, and how much social media activity is too much. Social…

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How To Create an Email Marketing Campaign That Generates Results

Email is one of the most effective and profitable marketing channels for B2B and B2C—achieving higher click-through rates and ROI than other popular channels (91%…

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Claim your content!
Google Authorship increases your blog's exposure through more visible, trustworthy search results

Do you want to generate more clicks to your blog post & build stronger online readership? Consider claiming your authorship with Google Authorship Markup, an easy-to-integrate tool that: Increases Visibility,…

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How we work virtually

We’ll admit it, we have never met more than half of our clients (although we’d love to!). The beauty of the web is that it breaks…

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3 web writing strategies to make your content more effective

Making content stand out in a sea of digital media is not always easy. Your work faces a lot of competition, and your audience has very little time. While your…

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