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Backlinking: Build a Backlink Profile Search Engines Love

What backlinks are Basics of a good backlink profile Backlinking tools Strategies to naturally strengthen your backlink profile  Search engines like a website with a good backside. A good…

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UTM Codes for B2B Marketing:
Ultra Target Your Marketing With Google Tracking Codes

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM). It sounds like a spiny sea-robot, but it’s not! UTM codes are one marketing tactic that will spike up your marketing campaigns.   

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Talking Digital Marketing at Delaware Innovation Week

Tuesday afternoon, I had the opportunity to sit on a panel with some media professionals shaping the tech environment in Wilmington & beyond. The presentation was on something very important…

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Cleverness, Clickbait, and Correctness - Why Headlines are Important

Many users only read the headline. NPR’s article, Readers React To Headlines Gone Wrong, has convinced us of the importance of a headline even more. This headline informs…

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Never Tell Prospects What You Do

Tell Them What You Want to Do  Great headline and wonderful point in this article by Bruce Kasanoff, Never Tell People What You Do. His core message is 'never…

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Chunkify! Part 7:
Compelling Conclusions That Inspire Action

Tell ‘em what you told ‘em Tell ‘em what to do next One Page Exercise  One BIG mistake marketers often make on their web pages is…

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SEO Checklist: 7 Musts to Optimize On-Page Content

Better Your On-Page SEO 7 Tips To Make Your On-Page SEO Strong Change Keywords to Improve On-Page SEO

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Chunkify! Part 6:
Improve SEO Value & Readability With Better Formatting

Human Formatting vs Search Engine Formatting Strategies That Improve Formatting and SEO Formatting: Double Check All Content on The Page One Page Exercise  As a former professor, I believe…

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