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Homepage slideshows are more popular than they should be - ignore the fad

Slideshows (or carousels) are a popular homepage feature that allow multiple pieces of content to occupy prime real estate above the fold. I admit, it is easy to get sold…

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Balancing automated & live chat messages to enhance usability

Chat functions on websites deliver a luxury that is so rare in today’s automated service industry: human assistance. Well, most of the time. Sometimes, things get caught in…

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5 website 'must haves' to generate leads and increase conversions

Some big, some small—these features are all must haves! An effective website is an important marketing tool that helps build brand image, generate leads, and increase conversions. However,…

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Reaching your mobile market

If it wasn’t already blazingly apparent, people love their smart phones and tablets. But why has the smart device morphed from a useful gadget into an extra appendage?…

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Everday Usa-BILL-ity

Usability lessons from your wireless network When my wireless provider politely emails my monthly statement, I naturally want to keep the process as quick and painless as possible. However, AT…

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Responsive Web Design

New best practice in design and usability automatically optimizes site for the width of the user's screen. 

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Your website: Is it time for a redesign? Or will updates keep the leads coming?

Join us on Wed, February 22, 2012 @ 12:00 PM EST for the live Webinar event We’ll be performing live reviews of real audience-submitted websites to help attendees decide between a full-scale…

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Don't break the Back Button!

Why forcing links to open in a new window is a mistake Clients often ask to make their website links open in a new browser window. They say they "don'…

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What We Read #3: How Design affects your site's ability to land a sale

Converting clicks to customers for client websites is always on our minds. For years, we've read research on improving your site's ROI, and we've learned that the…

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Change is relentless… Is your website out of date?

How becoming a more savvy web user can make your website seem outdated As a lover of all things Apple, I know the frustration of investing in a product just…

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