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January 02, 2015 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

2014 Year in Review

The New Year brings new resolutions to make this year even better than the last!

As we welcome 2015 and think about the new opportunities before us, we like to first reflect on our achievements from the previous year.

In 2014, Bright Orange Thread…

Here are our favorite highlights from the year.

The 5 Second Test put usability research to work!

We love usability research. We read it, quote it, and apply it to our work daily. This year, one particular piece of research stopped us in our tracks.

5 seconds is all users need to know whether your site is
useful to their goal

Wow! We were curious to know how, in just 5 seconds, users could make such a serious judgement.

Thus, The Five Second Test was born! Bright Orange Thread’s first official usability test gathers user’s first impressions of web pages. We use The 5 Second Test as a tool to learn what real people like and dislike and help clients identify areas for improvement on their website.

This year, we’ve…

  • Administered 37 Five Second Tests
  • Collected 2,220+ independent responses
  • Delivered 7 5 Second Test Seminars

The Five Second Test was instrumental in helping several businesses prioritize improvements they needed to make for their websites. These companies will begin 2015 with a new site in the works!

8 new web projects, 2 web apps & several site refreshes!

Here is some of our work…

Website Redesign – Genesis Turfgrass

This fresh design gave Genesis Turfgrass the tools and look they need to keep growin’ on. Site catalogues their product vendors and showcases their spunky spokeswoman – The Genesis Turfgrass Girl!

Visit www.genesisturfgrass.com

Microsite – BT Partners

The early launch of this microsite helped BT Partners target a new market. The bright new design will be carried over to their main site in early 2015.

Visit www.btcloudsolutions.com

Web App Development

Youth Athletics Management Program – CYM

An out-of-the box athletics management system wasn’t an option for long-time client Catholic Youth & Adult Ministry. Multiple user types, diverse user actions, and complex league requirements required. We sat down with CYM to think through each user need and create the information architecture for their new CRM system.

Grant Application System – AFAR

We helped AFAR save significant time, field fewer phone calls, and eliminate mountains of paperwork with an online grant application system. Grantees can login, manage their profile, and ensure all grant requirements are met before they submit.

Presented 8 Seminars & Talks

From The Five Second Test to Writing for the Web, we moved from Philadelphia to Pittsburg, PA sharing our website best practices.

Relocated to a new neck of the woods

In early summer, we relocated our office to the outskirts of White Clay Creek Preserve in Landenberg PA. Looking out our window into the woods makes our work day much more scenic!

2015 – we welcome the new opportunities you'll bring!

2014 was a year of learning and new success! We hope to build on these opportunities and continue to grow this year!

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