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3 Ways Google Ads Can Jump Start Your Propane Company’s Online Visibility

October 20, 2017 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

3 Ways Google Ads Can Jump Start Your Propane Company’s Online Visibility

When customers search for your services on Google, you have one goal:

Be found at the top of search results.

Topping the search result list means more visits to your website. More visits to your website mean more calls from prospective customers. This ultimately means higher propane sales and revenue for you.

But launching a new website doesn’t mean you’ll rocket to the top of Google’s organic search results.

It takes time for Google to recognize your website as a trusted answer to a person’s search.

High industry competition from big-name propane giants and your local propane rivals add to the challenge of ranking first. The one way to jump to the top without the wait is to pay for it.

Pay-per-click campaigns (also called ‘PPC’ or ‘paid search’) are digital ads that appear at the top of the search results. In exchange for the better visibility, you pay for each click received to your advertised web page.


Google Ads Levels the Playing Field for Local Propane Companies Competing Against Giants

According to our friend and AdWords and SEO expert Jim Hammerel:

AdWords levels the playing field allowing small, local businesses to compete against bigger companies. Everyone’s success with Google AdWords depends on two things; high relevancy between your target keywords and your landing page, and continuous testing and campaign optimization.

With strategic configuration, your paid search ads will show up in the top 3-5 Google results. Once again, better search presence means more website visits and a higher potential revenue!


Here’s an example of Google Adwords (Google’s pay-per-click). Google Ads show up first over top of the local “Map Pack” and the top organic results underneath them.

Note: With over 75% of the search engine market share, Google Adwords dominates the online ad space for search ads, so we’ll focus solely on Google Adwords in this article.

Refresher: Google Adwords 101 - With Google Adwords, you can create ads that direct prospects to a special landing page: "New customer discounts for signing up" or "Free underground propane tank installation". You set your budget and Google charges you for every ad click.

Here are 3 reasons why your propane delivery company should use Google Adwords:

Boost online traffic to your company's landing pages

People tend to click the search results that appear first on the web. So you'll see a fast boost in online traffic with a Google Adwords investment.

With paid search, you beat out…

  • Local competitors with highly valuable content (organic)
  • Propane giants with fleets of online marketing experts (organic)

Just remember this doesn’t mean you will beat out your competitor’s paid ads. Your ads need to be well crafted and use the right keywords to succeed in paid search. Ad position is determined by both bid rate and the relevancy of your landing page to the search query.

The cost of getting more traffic

The good news is that high-volume propane industry keywords have a relatively low cost per click. Popular keywords like “propane service” and “propane supplier” can cost as little as $2/click. A low cost per click means your click budget will go further!

TIP: Do NOT send ads to your homepage! Your ads should link to a relevant landing page offering something specific, a coupon or a service, which matches the message in your Google Ad. This increases your odds to turn visitors into leads.

Stack piles of leads for your sales team

You’re a smart propane marketer ready to maximize your budget. So, send your paid search traffic to a dedicated landing page with:

  • A specific offer
  • Your contact information (phone number at the top!)
  • Online form for them to fill out

When a person fills out the form or calls you from this landing page, your salesperson gets a new lead. Next, it’s your salesperson’s job to follow up quickly with this lead. Fast reply time is key to closing deals in the propane gas industry.

With an attractive landing page, a boost in web visits from Google Ads can mean a boost in revenue.

Which offers work for paid search

Our research shows that most propane related searches are price sensitive. This is no surprise - homeowners take budgeting seriously, and propane is a commodity!

Don't feel pressured to race to the bottom just because price-based keywords are popular with propane prospects. Advertise compelling offers that you think your ideal customers would want, such as:

  • Rebate program to switch propane companies
  • Lock in propane rates
  • Discounted installation for new customers

Price-based offers don’t need to hurt your bottom line. As you brainstorm offers, think about the value each customer brings to your business. Ask yourself:

  • How much would I pay for a new customer in hand?
  • What is the lifetime value (LTV) of a new customer?
  • How can I differentiate my propane company from the rest of the marketplace?

Strengthen your propane company’s local presence

Let’s be honest, small to medium-sized propane companies depend on local customers. Your facilities and truck fleet only have the capacity to deliver to a service area radius. Thankfully, Google Adwords is an effective strategy for local search.

Google Adwords allows you to target specific geographical areas that match your service area. Only people searching your service in your targeted areas will see your ads in Google. This means you’re not wasting your budget on ad clicks from a city or state where you don’t deliver propane!

Google AdWords provides ‘location ad extensions’ which allows your address to appear beside your ad. Location ad extensions also mark your location with a pin on Google's map! The majority of searchers want to see your location, so make sure your location and contacts are advertised in your paid ad. If visitors see that you’re also local, 75% of people will likely visit your website or reach out. This means more sales opportunities for your team!

Increase revenue by driving more traffic with paid search

Google Adwords gives small propane companies the opportunity to drive website traffic with a budget that works for you. More traffic means more opportunities to convert anonymous website visitors into paying customers.

Talk to your online marketing company or schedule a consultation with one to see if Google Adwords can work for your propane delivery company (and jump start your online marketing efforts).


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