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5 Ways B2B Buyer Personas Salvage Tech Firm’s Marketing Efforts

November 03, 2016 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

5 Ways B2B Buyer Personas Salvage Tech Firm’s Marketing Efforts

“Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.”- David Ogilvy

This line from “The Father of Advertising” rings true for all B2B marketers.

If you brush aside tactical marketing research, you will send your team on nothing but futile marketing missions.

Don’t give your marketing team assignments without a solid marketing plan. Start your marketing plan with buyer personas.

Buyer personas are the linchpin to your technology services firm’s marketing success.

When your technology firm is equipped with the intricate industry knowledge buyer personas provide, your floundering marketing plan will be saved.

For B2B marketers that are fully committed to buyer personas—I salute you!

For the others, here is your tactical training in why B2B buyer personas will salvage your tech firm's strategies.

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How Buyer Personas Will Rescue Your B2B Marketing Plan

Eliminate Arbitrary Marketing Missions

Without personas, you are more likely to spend time on unnecessary marketing pursuits that are doomed to fail. Every viable marketing idea needs to be vetted by your personas. For example:

  • Does CEO Oliver spend his time on LinkedIn?
  • Does VP Paula prefer to read long whitepapers or short checklists?

Without personas, you’ll be spinning your wheels trying to figure out why your audience didn’t download your offer. Spend your time more efficiently by producing offers and content that resonate with your persona.

Create Hyper-Targeted Content

Your prospects have specific questions that need answers, and it’s up to your content to answer those questions. Buyer personas can help make sure you’re sharing expertise that is targeted to the right prospect. Otherwise, it’s easy to waste time on mis-targeted content.

A quick cautionary tale on NOT creating buyer personas…

We once consulted a company that was publishing a bunch of “how to” articles for a specific accounting software on their blog. These posts targeted lower to mid-level employees knee deep in the accounting software system. They were absorbing each article because it helped them do their job better.

This is a great response for your blog to elicit. But there’s a fundamental problem here.

Mid-level employees weren’t their target prospect. They weren't even an important influencer.

Their target prospect was C-suite management that makes buying decisions on the software for their people. For the C-suite, these articles were too technical. Their target audience needed strategic-thinking content around when and how to buy the software. The “how to” blog posts lacked a connection to the strategy and wasted precious marketing time.

Buyer personas could have helped this company hit the mark with hyper-targeted content for decision makers on their blog.

When you create better-targeted content, you will notice increased click throughs, page views, and more B2B landing page conversions.

Share Where You’ll Get Results

Would a company that targets middle aged technology professionals target their advertising on Instagram or Tumblr?

Probably not. Their buyer personas would indicate their prospects don’t use those platforms. This audience is more likely to respond to email marketing or LinkedIn ads.

So pay attention to where your audience spends their time. If LinkedIn is the platform where your persona is spending a majority of their time, boost your social media chops there so your content will reach your specific audience.

Building buyer personas will spare you the risk of wasting efforts and advertising money on platforms where your content is not valued and will not gain traction.

Choose the Format That Elevates Engagement

We all have our preferences on how we like to consume information. There are some formats we all gravitate towards because of their ubiquity (like blog posts and social media). But while some people might love the visual engagement of videos, others might prefer to read an article at their own pace. What does your audience prefer?

Building buyer personas can help you figure this out.

During your persona interviews, ask which types of content formats your personas prefer (information-dense whitepapers? short how-to videos? interactive webinars?). Then you can advocate for creating more webinars or whitepapers because your prospect told you they want them during your interview.

When you are offering more content in the formats people like to consume, they will be more likely to engage with your content. That means more downloads, more registrations, and more leads.

Prove You Know Customers Better Than the Competition by Using their Language

The truth is, your competitors aren’t taking advantage of buyer personas. Only 44% of B2B marketers are utilizing personas for their strategies. This means there’s a good chance your competitors are marketing with jargon or “marketese.” But enough about them.

This is a huge opportunity for you!

Personas create an opportunity to speak the same language as your prospects. You know how to speak ‘prospect’ because of your persona interviews. When discussing their issues, listen for specific words and phrases they use. Incorporating their language on your website helps prospects know that you ‘get’ them.

In the world of content marketing and buyer personas, we believe “familiarity breeds connection.” How do we make that connection? Conduct persona interviews and listen for the words and phrases your prospects speak. Then adopt that language into your marketing vernacular!

Build Buyer Personas Now & Save Your Technology Firm’s Marketing Endeavors

Implementing personas will assist you in identifying specific pain points and buyer behaviors that will help your software company build better content, convert more leads, and land more prospects.

If you pay attention to your personas, you will have a clear strategy to back your marketing tactics.

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