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May 06, 2015 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Chunkify! Your Homepage

No, I’m not talking about peanut butter. I’m talking about writing copy for the web that’s tailored to users browsing habits. It's called Chunkify!

Chunkify! your homepage to increase your CTR →

Prospects don’t waste time reading webpages, instead they scan. They are looking for keywords that quickly reaffirm they’ve landed on a relevant site with answers to their questions.

Avoid the Wall of Text

Users will abandon your page quickly if they hit a brick wall of text. They just don't have the patience to read long paragraphs so make sure you site looks easy to scan.

Before Chunkify!


After Chunkify!


Too many websites out there have great things to offer, but they can’t get the message across to users.

The Chunkify Checklist is Bright Orange Thread's comprehensive writing style guide that has helped numerous websites get the message out. Some of the core principals of Chunkify! are:

  • Use keywords relative to their search
  • Keep paragraphs to 3 sentences or less
  • Make lists (like this one)

I don’t care how prolific a writer you are. If you’re not writing for the way real people read copy on the web, your audience won’t get the message.

Even if I could hire George R.R. Martin to write my homepage, I’d still want him to Chunkify!

Test if your Homepage Needs to be Chunkified!

Since your homepage is the most visited page on your site, it needs to be Chunkified. You don't want to end up looking like this:

Answer these questions to find out if your homepage needs Chunkification:

  1. Do you see big blocks of copy? (Paragraphs > 100 words?)
  2. Are any paragraphs missing a headline?
  3. Do you have any one word headings?
  4. Do any headlines have more than 12 words?
  5. Does your page lack lists?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your homepage needs to be Chunkified!

Chunkify! Your Homepage

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