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September 21, 2012 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Everday Usa-BILL-ity

Usability lessons from your wireless network

When my wireless provider politely emails my monthly statement, I naturally want to keep the process as quick and painless as possible. However, AT&T recently made me “Rethink Possible” in an email statement that overlooks the most important detail: the BALANCE!

Taking it a click too far

As a user, I want the balance to be plain and clear in the message so I am aware and can take action when I choose. Its absence requires the user to login and find the lastest statement, several clicks to say the least. At least AT&T includes a “Log in” link in the email.

Information Delivered

On the other hand, this Verizon email alert delivers the information the user needs to see: the balance, the payment date, and a link to pay. The message is short, effective, and does not include extraneous offers or links to distract the user.

Would I switch carriers?

AT&T raises a minor usability red flag by not realizing how important the balance is to the user. (Interestingly they did realize they could include advertisements for online phone, tv, internet and wireless deals. They are quiet ads, but still ads. Sorry, I think I’ll save myself the click.) Minor issue isn’t worth losing my unlimited data plan with AT&T.

Look over the two bills to see for yourself.

att bill

Verizon bill

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