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March 03, 2010 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Site Launch: Fulcrum Capital

The Bright Orange Thread team has been busy these last few weeks with site updates and new projects, but we’re taking some time now to catch you up to speed on recent developments.

Over the weekend, we launched a new site for Fulcrum Capital, a Distressed and Special Investments firm based in Austin, TX. We spent a lot of time polishing the site’s final look, searching for backgrounds that would make the site really pop. Eventually, we found a stunning image of the Supreme Court columns in D.C., which was taken—interestingly enough—by a British photographer. The client has a keen eye for style, so it was satisfying to nail a sophisticated, clean look for the site.

We’ll check back in soon. Be on the look out for two new sites to launch in the near future!

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