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January 29, 2014 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Game Time: Super Bowl ad tactics that work for your business digital marketing strategy

Companies dish out millions of dollars and push some of their best work to be seen in the Marketing Super Bowl. As a viewer (and a digital marketer), I look forward to what the “big boys” create for game day.

The most powerful part of Super Bowl advertising is that it draws the public into a discussion about the ads. This discussion goes viral (usually before the game!) and the pundits will air the list of best advertisements more times than Sports Center will air the play of the game.

You can create viral discussion surrounding your content by borrowing game day tips from these marketing giants.

Pre-launch Social Media

Social media changed the game for advertisers in the past 3 years by increasing online shares 30X. Ads with the most shares were actually premiered online before they hit the air waves. Supplementing the actual ad with teasers before led to more excitement and social activity.

You can utilize your social networks to share a new marketing strategy, event, or even a blog post to create buzz before game day. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other networks give you the power to ignite a social conversation and drive awareness to your upcoming campaign. To build hype for your latest venture, you can…

  • Share related images
  • Start a competition or a poll
  • Drop teasers that engage users
  • Brand a hashtag

Pre-launch social media sharing will help increase social engagement and prime your audience for the real thing, making them more interested in engaging with your brand.

Market your brand, not just your products

An recent study shows that 80% of Super Bowl ads don’t help sales. So instead pushing another product, advertisers use the slot to connect with audiences and build their brand image.

Showcase your brand culture and shine new light on your company with content highlights your personality. Sharing who you are, what you like, and how you help will build trust, set you apart and spark a unique connection (people want to buy from friends, not online robots!).
Try sharing...

  • Videos and Video Blogs that highlight your unique style
  • Team news, info, and accomplishments on a website ‘team page’ and social networks
  • Charities and organizations you participate with

Connecting audience and brand on a more personal level will enhance business relationships.

Game Time: Win the 2014 Digital Marketing Bowl

It’s time to put in your most powerful players and call your best marketing plays. Innovations in how we use the web make it easier than ever to spark conversation about your content (if you can
rise above the noise).

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