Bold Design Decisions: Will They Hurt Your Homepage?

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Homepage Peel for ABD

Bold Design Decisions:
Will They Hurt Your Homepage?

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Sticky websites require balanced design and messaging

ABD’s bold homepage design features a lot of black, hot pink, and…shoes. At first look, users found the bold colors jarring for a Financial Services firm website. One wary user was concerned that the bold design choices don’t scream “legit benefit provider”. 

Then we come to the shoes. ABD supports their “next steps” message with eye catching images of people’s shoes. The problem is that: a) the copy does not state what they do, and b) what do financial services have to do with shoes. 

If you want your B2B marketing to be bold, remember to balance design elements and add the support of strong messaging. A clear “what we do” statement would bolster the design and improve the homepage stickiness*.

Homepage Stickiness: the stickiness of a website is the amount of time users spend on a website. Sticky homepages have lower bounce rates and better click through rates!


Subject: ABD, a firm that offers insurance and financial service advisors to assist companies with employee benefits, insurance, and more.

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