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Homepage Peel for SIS

Information Overload: Will Too Much Overwhelm Users?

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Websites don't have to say it all at once

Users want your website to answer their question. But just because they’re hungry for information, you don’t need to serve up a 5 course meal right on your homepage. 

The SIS homepage attempts to say it all at once. Walls of text, loud graphics, and competing calls to actions all screaming “Look At Me!” overwhelm users. When all content is screaming, no sticky content* stands out. 

Homepage Peel users viewing this B2B homepage found it cluttered and had trouble focusing or finding the main message. When users are overwhelmed, your bounce rate and click through rate will suffer.  

Homepages should prioritize information for users. Chunkifying content helps make it clear what’s most important. Strategic design and calls to action to guide them to secondary information. 

*Sticky Content is content on a website that holds user attention and succeeds in getting them to spend longer periods of time on the site. (Hopefully resulting in a conversion!)


Subject: SIS, a firm that implements data tracking solutions for contractors.

Homepage Peels measure website stickiness with hard-hitting comments from real people

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