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Homepage Peel for Miller Edge

Conflicting Messages: Words and Images Must Be Relevant

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Confusing jargon and imagery mislead users

Homepage copy and imagery can work together to quickly confirm what a company does. It’s trouble if these items conflict and confuse users. 

Miller Edge’s homepage jargon and imagery cloud the statement about what exactly the company offers. The image screams “architectural services”, but the B2B company actually sells door and gate sensors. 

The ambiguous message in the hero tile does not save the image by making it clear. In fact, company-specific jargon only confuses the concept more. Jargon doesn’t belong in B2B marketing! Users can’t relate and won’t know where to click through* to learn more.

Miller Edge could help improve homepage stickiness (and lower their bounce rate) by speaking to their prospects about their problems in their language. 

Click through rate: the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the total number of users who view the page. Click through rates help you measure efficacy of your calls to action.


Subject: Miller Edge, a firm that provides the building industry with door and gate sensors.

Homepage Peels measure website stickiness with hard-hitting comments from real people


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