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October 06, 2009 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

How Bright Orange Thread got its name

You asked for it. Here’s the story behind Bright Orange Thread. This is definitely easier to explain verbally, but I’ll give it a try.

While I was at the University of Delaware, I taught a junior graphic design class. We had a critique scheduled one day, but the work they brought to class was really poor (must have been big party that weekend or something). I didn’t want to waste our time so I scrapped the critique and told them to have better work ready for the next class.

There I was with two hours of class time, no critique, and no lecture. I told them about my sleepless night trying to decide on a new name for my company, then called FranBach Creative. I presented some names to them, but the students deemed my ideas to be really poor (I guess we were all having a bad day). I decided to give the students one hour to come up with a better name for my business, promising to use it as long as it was better.

They did and I kept my promise. Their reasons were that:

  • I was known for wearing a very bright orange shirt on the first day of class
  • thread can be woven into a web (and the web is where my business was shifting to)
  • the color orange is linked to my Dutch heritage

Since then, it’s been easy to design the company’s cards, brochures, website, blog—the list goes on. So thank you, class of 2005!

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