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April 26, 2013 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

How we work virtually

We’ll admit it, we have never met more than half of our clients (although we’d love to!). The beauty of the web is that it breaks geographical barriers that tether service providers to any one region.

This post outlines some of the media Bright Orange Thread uses to virtually cross borders and build successful relationships with clients just around the corner, as far west as Seattle, WA, as far south as Austin,TX, and as far north as Winnepeg, Canada.

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Mini Case Study

PM Solutions' VP of Marketing, Mary Yanocha, wrote about her experience working with Bright Orange Thread and using Basecamp to keep the project on track in her chapter of The AMA Handbook of Project Management.



Our online project management tool is an invaluable asset in managing all of our client and in-house projects. The easy-to-use tool helps us post projects, to-dos, messages, and manage client communication all in one place. It helps us keep projects on schedule and within scope!

2GoTo Meeting

Screen sharing is the number one reason we use GoTo Meeting. This important feature enables us to present our work to clients, walk them through the site, and give them helpful demos from our monitor to theirs.


Since we’re at our computers all day, email is a quick and easy way to get in touch with anyone at BOT. But when written word just isn’t enough…

Phone Calls

Give us a ring! We’re always available during office hours and happy to help clients through any issue.

We’re still human

Even with all the technology at our fingertips, we’re still human! Our primary purpose in employing these different technologies is to simplify the lines of communication with clients. Therefore:

  • We schedule meetings and follow ups for all key phases.
  • Your call is rarely met by an automated voice message (we do go to lunch!).

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