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June 09, 2010 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Improving Tech Support between Client and Designer

If you’re having your website re-designed, chances are that you and your web designer/developer will run into some issues with how the site displays across different web browsers. With so many different browsers out there and so many different computers with different versions of operating systems, developing a website that looks exactly the same on all browsers is a daunting task and requires a good bit of testing.

“It looks weird on my computer!”

As designers and developers, we rely on our test machines to verify our code base renders consistently. Still, at times our clients see a difference on their computer that did not show on our test configurations. When this happens, we typically ask the client to send us a screen grab from their computer. Screen grabs are a great tool to get a visual idea of those differences, but they’re only half the battle.

The other half is knowing exactly which browser on which operating system is displaying the website inconsistently. We go through a lot of trouble trying to find the browser name, browser version number, flash version number, Javascript… Well, you get the point—it’s a lot of questions and something no client enjoys doing. Fortunately, there is an easy way to find out all of that information without a series of back and forth emails.

An Answer to (One of) Our Troubleshooting Prayers

The folks over at SupportDetails.com have developed a nice little web tool to combat this communication problem. Their tool sniffs out the versions of the browser, operating system, flash version, monitor size, etc. and sends the information via email. All our client needs to do is go to the site and fill out their name, email, and submit, voila, the information is sent to us. And just like that, we’ve asked the client only one question (and a simple one at that) instead of five.

Asking a client to fill out a simple form is so much easier than asking them to look up information they might not even know how to find. Thanks to Support Details, we get all the information we need and no longer have to worry about taking up our client’s time or wasting extra energy on this problem. (And with the endless number of troubleshooting problems out there, any help is welcomed.)

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