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March 09, 2010 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Looking busy!

Using a neat little app, I tracked all my mouse movements for a day or work!

Somewhere in the blogosphere, someone wrote about iographica, an app that tracks mousemovents. They claim iographica "turns mouse movements into a modern art". I think it proves I use my mouse a lot! My former students might see this and wonder after all my 'lectures' about reducing "mouse miles" by memorizing keyboard short cuts.

This covers all my work on March 9th, from 7:34 am to 2:50pm. During that time:

  • I reviewed designs by Ed, our designer extraordinaire
  • communicated with clients via email and BaseCamp
  • teleconferenced about case studies with Theresa, our fabulous writing intern from the University of Delaware
  • made updates to a variety of websites
  • checked about 100 blog headlines
  • had lunch, I think the biggest black circle is where I paused my mouse for lunch

Note that I have two monitors with pixel dimensions of 3600 by 1200.

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