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July 19, 2010 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

One Month in Retrospect

Julia, our newest writing intern from the University of Delaware, reflects on her first month working at Bright Orange Thread!

Humble Beginnings

If asked a year ago what SEO, SEM, ROI, or even BOT stood for, I probably would have stared blankly. I can happily say such is not the case anymore. As my first month interning at Bright Orange Thread draws to a close, I can’t help but compare where I am now with where I was only one month ago.

A Fresh New Face at BOT

After only minutes into my first day at BOT, I recognized the high quality of work issued daily, and that I’d be expected to emulate this work ethos. Gone were the lazy summer days in which products such as “Orange Fresh” sounded like something I’d sip poolside!

Though I have been a proud BOT teammate for only a month, I’ve already had the opportunity to showcase my writing on the company’s sites as well as sit in on client consultations! Doing so has helped me convert the hypothetical marketing and usability strategies I’ve learned in classes into actual assignments tailored for the task or client at hand.

Looking back on my time here, generating one-hundred catchy tweets for the company’s Twitter account seemed a daunting first-assignment, but I was and am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to dive right in and make the most of my time here at BOT.

A Bright Orange Future

As a newly-declared Interactive Media Minor at the University of Delaware, my courses have given me a basic mastery of web-writing and content development. Though I learned how to write and manage my time, my internship with BOT allows me to use these skills on a daily basis.

It’s difficult to really fathom all of the bits of valuable information I pick up on a daily basis, but I can tell I’ve already come a long way. For that, I am incredibly appreciative. Here’s to another great month!

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