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March 10, 2008 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Real Estate Firm Polishes Image and Positioning with a Website Makeover

Business Challenge

The Stokes Group, a Philadelphia real estate agency, needed a makeover. Its website didn’t highlight new construction expertise (in a market bustling with new condo developments) nor did it convey the firm’s energy and personality.Important search functionality critical to a successful real estate site was also missing.

The client asked Bright Orange Thread for a web solution that would:

  • Clearly communicate the firm’s core competencies
  • Serve as the company’s primary lead generation vehicle
  • Provide a platform for marketing activity
  • Foster an image as a mover-and-shaker in the market
Bright Orange Thread Solution

After consulting with the owner and his team, BOT developed a multi-pronged website strategy that combined strong functionality with compelling content and design. Our approach included:

  • New navigation and design to drive home the Stokes Group’s credentials in new construction
  • Researching and recommending a search option that allows visitors to find desirable properties quickly and to save favorite listings
  • Optimizing search engine visibility with new copy that capitalizes on high-ranking keywords and phrases
  • Enriching the user experience with interesting neighborhood profiles, better photography, and a blog.

With the launch of its new and improved website, The Stokes Group instantly upgraded its image and staked its claim to the Philadelphia condo market. The firm is one of Philly’s fastest-growing real estate companies, ranking #10 out of 3,900 independently-owned Coldwell Banker companies worldwide.

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