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May 12, 2010 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Site Launch: Refresh for PartnersFirst’s website

Affinity credit card issuer, PartnersFirst, didn’t need a complete redesign of their website, but they did have a few problem areas concerning the site’s User Experience.

We acted as consultants to the firm and made quite a lot of changes to the site’s Information Architecture (IA)—the overall structure of information—including:

  • Creating a consistent and clear global navigation system
  • Reorganizing pages to address the two user types: credit card holders and affinity partners
  • Chunkifying” pages to promote key marketing messages at the top of the page and enhance scanning for users
  • Adding a quick log in form to the home page

At Bright Orange Thread, we rarely get the chance to boast about our services in terms of IA. But that’s exactly what PartnersFirst needed to better communicate with their users. We’re really pleased with the new changes and hope visitors have a more positive experience using the website now. Check out PartnersFirst new site for yourself.

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