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September 14, 2011 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Site Launch: S.A.V.E.

New site inspires action for environmental organization

Learn about the site we launched for S.A.V.E. and see how good organization and design can make a difference!

S.A.V.E. is a Chester County organization that works at the grassroots level to affect policy & projects that catalyze sprawl. They needed a site that would communicate their message with the surrounding community, environmental engineers, professionals and policy makers and inspire change. To give S.A.V.E. a good face and get their message across, we created a well organized site with a loud call to action backed by an easy-to-use CMS.

Communicating the Message

S.A.V.E. had breadth of information incorporate in the site. We decided to organize the pages using a side navigation panel on each landing page. This panel lists each sub-page and enhances usability because users clearly see where to go.

Community Involvement

We made the call-to-action loud and clear by incorporating several links to the “Get Involved” page on the home page of the site and by including a bold blue “Donate Today” button in the top left corner of the site. This feature makes it easy for users to make a donation using secure credit card processing.

Keeping S.A.V.E. Current

Finally, the S.A.V.E. site is managed with an easy-to-use content management system so that it can be easily kept up-to-date. Employees and volunteers can add new resources, events and news updated to keep the community engaged and promote their organization.

By integrating best practices in usability with strategic organization, the S.A.V.E. site is a valuable resource for the organization an the community. Take a look at S.A.V.E.'s new site!

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