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August 18, 2016 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Talking Content Marketing with Vistage Business Executives

Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of presenting content marketing to a number of C-suite executives thanks to Vistage Chair and Business Consultant, Jim Lucas.

Content marketing was a familiar topic to some execs in the audience, but they didn't know if content marketing was right for them. Through my presentation, we dove deeper into what content marketing is and why content marketing is so important to B2B marketers.

For many executives and company leaders, the why in content marketing comes down to sales!

Today, 60% of the buyer's journey is dones before they talk to a sales rep. Content marketing helps improve sales by educating the prospect through their buyer's journey and warming them to a sales call.

The discussion helped these executives see the potential of content marketing in generating revenue for their business.

Thanks again, Jim, for inviting me to speak to a great crowd on
content marketing!


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