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October 13, 2015 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Thanks- Becky Worley

I just want to take a minute to thank someone who has been truly important to the internal growth of Bright Orange Thread: Becky Worley. Becky has been responsible for referring a steady stream of interns to BOT - many that became employees!

Two Professors, Two Departments, One Big Idea

Together, we helped launch the Interactive Media Minor - a combination of our two schools of thought as well as several other departments.

Becky led the the Professional Writing Concentration in the English department. I represented Visual Communications. English might have been her background, but her chops in usability and writing for the web are what really connected us.

Sending BOT Interns With Bright Ideas

After I launched Bright Orange Thread, Becky was sort of a referral partner for me. She helped connect me with driven UD Seniors that just “got” what it meant to write for the web.

BOT writing interns from the UD Professional Writing concentration:

  • Arianne Minch
  • Jill Hagstron
  • Levi Sikes
  • Will Allen
  • Julia Nollen
  • Theresa Monaco
  • Deirdre McAndrew
  • Rachael Barone

Sure, all Becky’s interns got college credit. But the best part was that some developed into full fledged BOT team members. Theresa (class of 2010) and Rachael (class of 2012) both came on full time after their internships with BOT. Rachael continues with BOT as a Project Manager & Copy Architect.

Thanks Becky - Best of Luck!

Becky hung up her professor hat this year. Best of luck, Becky!

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