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September 18, 2015 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

The Webmaster Attends “Mastering Your Webmaster”

Yesterday morning I put on my “webmaster hat” and spent a few hours in good company at a Vistage presentation titled Master your Webmaster: Internet Marketing for Dummies Business Owners. Jason Lavin, the presenter and CEO of Golden Communications, Inc., drilled into internet marketing musts for business owners like myself - and my clients!

Best Practices I Agree With!

Going into the presentation - I knew much of what Jason said would be familiar best practices to Bright Orange Thread. I even found him throwing out little facts and phrases that I find myself saying to clients - like “Yahoo is the second biggest search engine” or “the phone number has to be on the top of the page.”

“Yup!”, I found myself repeating (in my head). Jason’s tips were spot on. Phone number and email at the top of the page is a usability must, for example. This seems to be something that Jason and I both are sticklers for. It gives the user clear access to contact information and the choice to reach out in the method they prefer!

My Big Takeaway: Honor and Serve Others

My “Aha!” moment of Jason’s presentation came when he made the bold statement that your Blog should only “honor and serve others”.

“Honor and serve others”? At first, I was not totally on board. Where do I put my how-tos, my thought leadership? (He recommends elsewhere on the site, like in a library.)

Then he scrolled through the Golden Comm blog. There were posts that thanked others, posts that gave kudos to clients and other firms, and posts that highlighted fun company happenings.

Two Blog Thank You's: Golden Comm uses their blog to thank people who make their company better - their Google Rep and the Construction Company that rennovated their office.

Through these posts, I saw his company come to life. The culture, the partnerships, the clients. It even made it clear what Golden Comm did and it positioned them as a powerful player in the industry.

This is my first “Honor and Serve” post to say thanks to Jason - for making the trek to Delaware and giving me a new goal for my own blog!

A Talented Speaker

Jason’s presentation was fun, dynamic, and made it easy to site in the audience and learn about some heavy topics. His passion for online marketing was bubbling over, making the morning fly by.

As a current Vistage myself, I pay close attention to speaking style to improve my own. It was refreshing to watch such an experienced speaker present “my” content (internet marketing) in a different style (Jason’s delivered hundreds of Vistage talks. I’m still in my first year). I appreciated the opportunity to learn my business by someone whose firm represents the size and diversity I want Bright Orange Thread to achieve.

A Few More Thanks

Finally, a big thanks to Rick Sommer of Intellitec Solutions (a Bright Orange Thread client!), for inviting me to attend! And thanks to my Vistage chair, Jim Lucas, for arranging such a dynamic talk.

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