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May 20, 2013 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Use Google Authorship Markup to increase CTR and enhance the SEO value of your blog

Do you want to generate more clicks to your blog post & build stronger online readership? Consider claiming your authorship with Google Authorship Markup, an easy-to-integrate tool that:

  • Increases Visibility, CTR, and total page views
  • Builds trust, readership, and online authority
  • Helps protect content from online plagiarism

And more..

Editor's Note: Google removed profile pictures and some Google Plus profile metadata from authorship-enabled search results to streamline design across desktop an mobile. Read more about the changes and impact on Google Authorship.

You have probably experienced the power of Google Authorship Markup before, but to illustrate how it helps grab the user’s attention and convert clicks clicks, here's an example.

If you Google "effective web writing strategies" you will see this:

Which result sticks out most? Which would you be likeliest to click? Research shows it's the listing with the image.

Before we dive into all the benefits of implementing Google Authorship Markup, let’s cover the basics.

Authorship Markup basics

Google Authorship Markup links content you publish to your Google Plus profile. When your article appears in search results, Google will pull in your profile picture, Google Plus info, and other articles you have published into the rich snippet.

As appealing as that looks to the eye, let’s be clear: Authorship markup is not a substitute for high quality content! While the profile picture and Google Plus profile information helps your listing stand out, the only way to make it show up in the first place is to publish good, SEO optimized content on your blog.

Gain higher visibility, higher CTR, higher page views

The addition of your profile image to your post’s rich snippet is perhaps the most powerful, persuasive component of because it makes the listing stand out in a sea of otherwise visually unimpressive results. (Eye tracking studies have proven that the eye is drawn to an image first.) So, even if your listing is third or fourth on the page, it may catch the user’s eye sooner.

By simply gaining the user’s attention with a visual, the probability of getting them onto the page has already increased. One study demonstrated a 150% increase in CTR by optimizing the rich snippet with authorship markup. Total page views consequently increase as users browse other articles you’ve penned, explore your site, and (here’s the kicker) share your post with others.

Build trust and establish authority

There is nothing like a familiar, trustworthy face in unfamiliar territory. Especially in the boundless world of the web, it’s nice to know that you have a source you can count on.

Authorship markup helps your build a trusting readership base and establish your online authority by giving users a familiar face and providing them with a library of your publications.
Users are more likely to trust the authority of your post because they see the face attached to the image. And, if your content resonates, they will begin to associate your face and your blog as a source of credible information, thus building your readership base.

Google Plus also sorts your publications via your profile, collecting a library of content for users to access. Notice the “More by” link in the rich snippet. When users click on the “More by” link, they are brought to a new search results page with a collection of the author’s content.

Overcome the threat of plagiarism

When you publish thoroughly researched, well thought out content onto the web, or any other platform for that matter, you open yourself up to the risk of content scavengers scooping up your work and claiming it as their own. It’s an unfortunate truth of the trade.

Authorship Markup helps prevent authors from the looming threat of online plagiarism by ensuring the content published first achieves the higher position in search results. Therefore, your listing won’t be trumped by someone who scrapes your content after the fact.

Authorship markup has the potential to spur a viral domino effect of your content across the web. The simple integration into your profile can lead to higher page views, more shares, a larger readership base, and an overall better web presence.

Claiming your authorship

The benefits of Authorship Markup are many, and will only grow more important as changes to Google’s algorithm make links less relevant. Visit Google’s Authorhsip Markup page for step-by-step instructions on how to link your content to your Google Plus profile.

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