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5 seconds decides if your prospect stays on your site, or leaves

The 5 Second Test  uncovers people's 1st impressions. These impressions deliver valuable insights you can use to make actionable improvements to your site and ensure your lead becomes a customer.

Survive the snap judgment, win prospect attention,
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Users make snap judgments on whether to stay or go because of the sheer volume of options and search results before them. People don’t want to waste time navigating a poorly designed, frustrating-to-use site, so they act on their first instinct. Research proves the first impression is usually right.

When your web page survives this snap judgment, your web site wins more time to convert the sale or lead.

Learn from real people if your page makes the right first impression

Bright Orange Thread’s 5 Second Test utilizes qualitative research to gain insights about people’s snap judgment about your web page.
With $360 purchase of The 5 Second Test, you'll get:

  • 60 insights from 20 real subjects looking at your website
  • Bright Orange Thread analysis of the results and research-backed suggestions for improvements to your site

Take The 5 Second Test to find out if people will stay and read!

You only have 5 seconds to make a good first impression

First impressions are quick, but accurate

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Research shows that whether a user spends 5 seconds or 5 minutes on your site, their first impression of the usability and relevance of your site is surprisingly accurate. So what goes down in those first moments?

50 milliseconds…users know if they like the design.

.2 seconds...users form a first impression of your brand. 94% of our first impressions are design related. It helps us judge the site’s credibility and the brand’s trustworthiness.

5 seconds…is all people need before they accurately judge whether the site is useful and if they will keep reading.

Design, messaging, and imagery must all work together to persuade users to spend a little more time getting to know you.

You're driving traffic to your website
…and you want them to stay

You drive people to your website  via social media, email marketing, advertising campaigns, and in person. You've won their attention if they take your offer and visit your site. To keep them there, it's crucial your website reinforces the impression that led them to your site. 

78% of B2B buyers check vendor websites before buying

Prospects want to find your website - it's the first place they search for information about your company. 

Your competitor's page is waiting

There are billions of search results on the web vying for your prospect's attention. Fail the first impression, your window will be closed and your competition’s will be opened.

More time users spend on your site increases the chance of conversion

 5 seconds can win you 

 10 seconds, which can win you 

 90 seconds

The more time users spend on your site, the more interested they are in what you offer. That's why within the first 10 seconds, your page must clearly communicate your value proposition. The value proposition must state not only what you do, but how you help solve their problem.

Leaping over this next hurdle can win you several minutes of prospect attention – convincing them to navigate through your site and, eventually, convert.

Rapid web evolution changes user expectations

Rapid technological evolution gives your site a short shelf life -  the average website lasts just 3-5 years. In that same time period,  it's likely your branding and market position will evolve to reflect your growing business.  If your website’s looks dated or communicates a dated message, people will misread who you are and the value of what you offer.


Take The 5 Second Test and users tell you if your page is relevant

5 signs you are a candidate

  1. You recently redesigned your website and are curious if your hard work is being communicated effectively.
  2. Click throughs from your homepage are disappointingly low. People find your page, but they don't stick around.
  3. Bounce rate of your landing page is high. You're wondering if it's copy, design, or maybe both that are missing the mark.
  4. Website improvements are on the horizon - you want to gauge the benefits of a full redesign vs. implementing small strategic improvements. 
  5. You are confident in your website, but you know nothing is ever perfect. You want to find out what real people think to make real improvements.


Take The 5 Second Test to eliminate those doubts

Case Study: Kauffman Gas

Redesign goals established with
The 5 Second Test

This image was shown to 20 random candidates.

Kauffman Gas was weighing the pros and cons of embarking on a full site redesign or doing a modest refresh with mobile optimization. Analytics indicated that visits from smart phones were growing, so Kauffman wanted to make mobile traffic a priority. They were also concerned their 4-year-old website was showing its age.

So they put their site to The 5 Second Test

Users said…

"Good, looks like a business website. But I'm not sure how the photo of the women fits with gas delivery"


"I would keep reading despite all the clutter. I think I could find what I wanted there."

"Impression is mostly positive, there is a little bit too much information on the page."


Kauffman Gas Passed The Five Second Test!

Respondents concluded the Kauffman Gas homepage

  • Proved its relevance
  • Made a good first impression
  • Convinced them to read a little further

Bright Orange Thread's analyis of the results helped us identify key goals for the site refresh.

  • Replace stock photography with an information carrying image that adds value - studies show people don't look at images unless they are relevant! 
  • Increase use of white space (jargon alert) to modernize design 

View full report of Kauffman Gas 


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  3. Gain research-backed suggestions to help your web page survive the snap judgement
    Our qualitative research tracks trends, usability, and best practices to determine the best course of action for improving your site's lead generation.
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