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Our Process


Bright Orange Thread reviews client objectives, learns how the new website fits into overall marketing plan. Bright Orange Thread assists clients with cost benefit decisions to determine a feature list for the website resulting in the preparation of an agreement detailing the scope of work.

Wireframe/CMS Integration 

Projected duration: 3-4 weeks

Bright Orange Thread analyzes and organizes content from an “outside-in” perspective, ensuring audiences get the information they want and client messages are conveyed. Clients review a completely functional wireframe website. This allows us to test and tweak the usability and provides the client a feel for how users will interact with the site.


Projected duration: 2-4 weeks

Bright Orange Thread will design for the site as a whole, to marry good design with high usability. Good design and heightened usability can work together. When the user’s eye is always drawn to the most pertinent and relevant information, navigating each page is done intuitively.


Projected duration: 3-6 weeks

With architecture and design concepts approved, we proceed to development and write the code-base that will be used in the completed, live site. Site launch!

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