Broadstone LLC

Website Becomes Stepping Stone for Prospects and Cornerstone for Clients


Business Challenge

A black and white, placeholder site simply needed to be replaced for boutique accounting consultancy firm, Broadstone LLC. Broadstone wanted a presence that communicated professionalism and evoked trust. Their goal was make their website a cornerstone for clients and prospects.

Our Solution

Our mission was to make Broadstone’s site stand out in an increasingly competitive industry. We achieved this through three primary tactics:

  • Secure client portal streamlines client communication The new website was an opportunity for Broadstone to enhance their customer service as well. A secure client portal makes it simple and secure for clients to upload sensitive documents. Broadstone has exclusive access to download these documents so client’s taxes are filed in a timely manner.
  • Distinguish brand through custom design – It was important to Broadstone to control their brand image. Armed with Broadstone’s new logo and brand guidelines (designed by another firm), Bright Orange Thread imagined a clean, streamlined design that kept the focus on the message.
  • Advantage page highlights client committment – Broadstone knew the competition offered similar services. But they also knew their clients appreciate the way the do things differently. The Broadstone Advantage page was written and designed to communicate how Broadstone helps clients grow to their objectives.