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BroadPoint Technologies Microsites

Microsites Deliver Targeted Messaging, More Online Leads

The website is the cornerstone of our marketing strategy.

Don Carnevale
Director of Marketing
BroadPoint Technologies

Business Challenge

BroadPoint's website was no longer on par with their evolving marketing strategy and falling behind technology innovations. 

  • Their new marketing plan included messaging to specifically target 3 verticals. Their site structure and content did not effectively communicate the messages they needed to these audiences – and not on the right platforms.
  • The site was not optimized for mobile, so people accessing the site via their mobile devices were met with frustrating pinch and zoom functionality that wasn’t working.

To move forward, BroadPoint returned to Bright Orange Thread for their second redesign. 

Our Solution

BroadPoint was not looking for a drastic change, but an updated look and enhanced functionality to match their quickly growing, technology forward image. We implemented some key features to match BroadPoint’s new marketing plan and project this image.

  • Re-organized the IA to create 1 primary site and 3 audience-centric microsites that target the industry specific needs of each respective audience.
  • Responsive design optimizes site for all devices and will help sustain the value of the site through technological evolution in the coming years.
  • A logo refresh and more modern take on the design subtly but effectively improve overall appearance of site.
  • CRM integration connects the site with their lead scoring and lead nurturing efforts.


According to Don, BroadPoint's Director of Marketing:

We have seen a big uptick of online leads…The microsites help us tell a better story to prospects. It helps with better brand building and is a good foundation for future marketing efforts.
- Don Carnevale, Director of Marketing, BroadPoint Technologies