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Simplify the Lines of Communication

Our traffic has improved. Our registrants for one event doubled with the online system. The only question we hear now is: ‘What took you so long to make a website this good?’

Patrick Donovan
Executive Director


Business Challenge

The Diocese of Wilmington Office of Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM) needed a comprehensive platform for its members and participants. Before working with BOT, the organization was using 4 different platforms and editing programs to update 3 websites, 2 calendars, and a resource library. 

Our Solution

To make these resources readily available in a central location,

  • Self-building Newsletter that enables a “one-and-done” posting from the site to the newsletter template.
  • Categorized postings that can be searched for and easily accessed by its intended audience.
  • Multiple sites give CYM advanced control over more complicated messages and tasks.
  • Flexible CMS allows client to switch and edit pages with ease.


  • Event registration is at a high for CYM. 
  • Streamlined communication and workflow features make CYM staff more efficient