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Encore Business Solutions

Modern Design & Functionality Transform Site into Lead Generating Asset

We’ve received many unsolicited emails telling us just how great our new website is!

Natalie Armstrong

Visit: www.encorebusiness.com

Business Challenge

Encore Business Solution’s sales process was changing and their site did not target the needs of consumers in the early stages of the buying cycle (or any other stage). Their site was dated, crowded, and simply did not reflect their unique company culture and product expertise.

Our Solution

Our goal was to build a flexible, highly functional site to serve as the foundation of Encore’s marketing strategy and daily sales efforts.

  • Responsive design optimizes content for users across all platforms. Encore’s site is full of valuable resources and demos. This important information is available across all devices.
  • Strategic IA targets users at any stage in the buying process. The “4 Steps to ERP Buying Success” is a step-by-step marketing tool to help Encore communicate the breadth of their services to new customers.
  • Flexible CMS gives Encore the power to constantly add and upload new demos and resources at their command.
  • Customizable lead capture forms make it easy for Encore to deliver lead-generating insights.


Encore loves how the addition lead capture enhance their daily marketing efforts. They are able to share more of their valuable resources with their audience. In fact, the site’s new design and functionality have been praised by visitors to the site. Marketing team Jenn Halyk and Natalie Armstrong noted:

We’ve received many unsolicited emails telling us just how great our new website is!