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Sophisticated design and usability showcase client's talents

Our goal was to make the information available on the site easier to find for those visiting. Totally accomplished. We believe folks are finding what they need with fewer clicks.

Summer Yoder
Marketing Manager


Business Challenge

StudioJAED needed a modern site to highlight their architectural accomplishments and present to clients in the bidding process.  We created a sleek portfolio site that will be an asset to StudioJAED's marketing strategy. 

Our Solution

  • Clean lines and modern design that compliment the firm’s contemporary style.
  • Responsive design that automatically optimizes the site for every platform, ensuring StudioJAED’s accomplishments are always on the forefront of the users screen.
  • Featured Projects slideshow on the homepage showcases relevant projects to prospective bidders. It can be easily updated via the CMS, giving StudioJAED advanced control over their messaging.

We also created templates for promotional print materials that reflect site design and strenghten StudioJAED's creative brand image.


The easy-to-update CMS streamlines workflow. Even with multiple editors editing the site, StudioJAED loves how the CMS enables them to "add or modify items quickly, while also being able to maintain consistency." 

Hendrik-Jan was easy to work with and never failed to make thoughtful recommendations that have turned out to be valuable and ultimately, totally on-point for creating a new presence for our company on the web, and for mobile devices.

-Jim Hutchinson

Site architecture and mobile opimization make information more readily available to users. The site's accessibility and clear information architecture seamlessly integrate with promotional and marketing efforts, giving StudioJAED the competitive edge.