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Increased Visibility Generates Increase in Online Inquires for Non-Profit

The website has already generated an increase in inquiries related to our services. Vista Adult Service is now much more visible to the community.

Brandon Yorty
Director of Adult Employment Services
Vista Adult Services


Business Challenge

The Vista School was launching a new initiative. With their expertise in education and therapy for children with Autism, they had grown into helping teens and young adults with autism transition into the workforce. The school was being more than a school!

The school’s website wasn’t well suited to handle the volume of information needed to tell story of adults services. The Vista School leadership knew that adding more information would make the site more complex and confuse the messaging. They determined a new website with imagery and messaging focused on adults with autism would serve them better

Our Solution

  • Duplicate then update the design of the school’s website. – In consultation with leadership, it became clear the The Vista Adult Services website would use a lot of the same informational and structural needs as the school’s website. We helped the Vista School save on development costs by duplicating the school site and making a few customizations where necessary.
  • Custom design. We created a new design that was used imagery and messaging focused on adult services, but echoed its parent site enough to create brand cohesion.


Increased online visibility and cohesive brand association has already had an impact on Vista Adult Services. Director Brandon Yorty explains that the site’s design clearly associates the organization with the better known Vista School to establish their reputaiton. Vista Adult Services is fielding more inquiries from prospective employers and people needing their services because of the website.