The Center Foundation

User-Centered Design Improves User Experience


Business Challenge

The Center Foundation had a website that no longer met their visitors' needs and expectations.

Outdated design made the site difficult to navigate and overgrown content buried valuable information on the site’s pages, leaving users frustrated and unable to fully utilize the site's resources.

Our Solution

To improve the site's functionality and to promote a positive user experience, we:

  • Improved the site's information architecture with clean navigation and short, scannable pages
  • Transformed the previous static Web 1.0 design into a more user-centered Web 2.0 design
  • Implemented an easy-to-use content management system
  • Followed non-profit website best practices, like placing a prominent 'donate' button at the top of each page to increase financial support


User-friendly design and information architecture created an overall better user experience for visitors on The Center Foundation's website. Clear navigation and improved site structure help users find resources and program information quickly, and page content is now easier to scan and digest.

For staff, posting resources to the site is an effortless task with the help of our easy-to-use CMS solution.