Genesis Turfgrass

New Website Builds Brand and Drops Bounce Rate 25%


Business Challenge

Genesis Turfgrass’ website was in the weeds for a long time. But when the new marketing manager (and former student of HJ’s) took charge – the first matter of business was some web-scaping.

Genesis Turfgrass established a great name as a resource and quality provider in the turfgrass industry. The website needed to communicate their fun, inviting culture, showcase their specialty products, and serve as a resource for industry job seekers.

Our Solution

What started as a branding and brochure site evolved to a resource hub for clients and industry people as the project progressed. Staying close to budget, we were able to add a few additional features that elevated the site to the next level.

  • CMS makes the site easy to manage – from adding new products to sharing news to listing jobs – the website’s backbone makes it easy to keep the website fresh
  • Showcasing the spokeswoman – “The Genesis Turfgrass Girl” (aka Sam the Marketing Manager) was an installation an industry events and golf courses around the area. She became and important part of the Genesis community brand – so we put her on the homepage.
  • Password Protected Jobs Portal – When businesses have a job opening in the industry, they go to Genesis to spread the word within their network. Users can login to see the latest jobs in the industry.
  • Pay an Invoice Online – This customer convenience makes it easy for Genesis and Customers to manage their bill pay.


The website is now more of a resource to current and new customers. Customers an learn about new products, vendors, and Genesis Turfgrass events that build their business. 

As a result of the new design, homepage bounce rate dropped 25% in the first 9 months.