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Get More Winter Propane Leads by Putting Your Phone Number at the Top of Your Website

The busy winter propane season is well underway. Your phone is probably already ringing off the hook.  People who are running out of heat and need help ASAP are looking at your website for your phone number so they can call you for fast service. But ...


Posted on February 12, 2019 In Content Marketing, Design, User Experience, Propane Marketing

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3 Key Marketing Metrics to Drive your 2019 Marketing Plan

Atten-Hut!  2018 is in its fourth quarter. You can still score this year, and hopefully even win. But it’s time to create the playbook that’s going to lead you down the field to marketing success in 2019.  Get in the game. We’re talking marketing pla...


Posted on November 21, 2018

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Writing for the Web: Always Be Answering

In the classic film “Glengarry Glen Ross,” Alec Baldwin played the hard-driving sales trainer whose motto was: “ABC”: Always Be Closing  If a member of his team didn’t close enough deals, they were “SOL” and out of a job....


Posted on November 05, 2018 In Writing for the Web

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Google's Mobile-First Indexing: What to Know & Actions to Take

You might have gotten a notification from your Google Search Console recently that indicated: “Mobile-first indexing enabled for www.yourwebsite.com.”...


Posted on October 05, 2018

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Don't Expect Too Much From a 1-Person Marketing Team

Digital marketing is an integral part of any business. A lot of time must be dedicated to expand your business and to generate as many new leads as possible....


Posted on September 28, 2018

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Ignore the Questions (and Watch Out for the Clickbait)

It was only a matter of time before marketing master Seth Godin resorted to using one of the oldest tricks in the digital book: clickbait....

Posted on September 05, 2018

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5 Questions Propane Customers Ask That You Can Blog About

Whether you’re an avid blogger or you haven’t even contemplated blogging, it’s important to establish a sense of trust between your propane business and its customers and prospects....


Posted on August 17, 2018 In Propane Marketing

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Never Lose a Good Idea: Voice Memos

It seems that we always get the best ideas at the most inopportune times: lying in bed, driving down the freeway, in the middle of cooking dinner....


Posted on August 17, 2018

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How to Handle Reviews: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

You can’t make everyone happy—some of the first wise words your mom tells you as a child. And if you own a business, you may have learned this lesson the hard way....

Posted on August 17, 2018

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How to Improve Your SEO Without Completely Re-Writing Your Website Content

Because the rules of SEO are an ever-changing sea, business owners and marketers who want to keep their SEO solid can often have a hard time keeping up with the best practices. It can seem like just when all content has been written and SEO-optimized...

Posted on July 18, 2018

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