Kauffman Gas

SEO Can Be Localized


I’m really impressed with the design. I can honestly say that I’m completely happy. Thanks again! 

Chris Kauffman, Vice President, Kauffman Gas

Visit: www.kauffmangas.com

Business Challenge

It is not always easy for small businesses to manage their web presence. Kauffman Gas-a family-owned and operated propane company-needed a more dynamic site that focused on their customers’ needs.

Our Solution

We implemented a few key features to improve the functionality and effectiveness of Kauffman’s site:

  • Online payment service (accessible from all pages of site)
  • “Customer Corner” allows customers to request balance, update account information, and pay bill.
  • Strong, effective copy to improve messaging and communicate value.
  • SEO strategy to increase site traffic.


  • Within first three months, search engine traffic dramatically improved.
  • "Pay Bill Online" feature increased customer satisfaction.