Kauffman Gas - PPC Campaign and Landing Pages

Increase in Traffic & Online Leads Through Landing Pages & Pay Per Click Campaign


The campaign has greatly increased our exposure...We're the first company both new & existing customer see

Chris Kauffman, Vice President, Kauffman Gas

Business Challenge

The Yellow Pages are a thing of the past. Today, people acquire information for new products and services by searching online. Recognizing this shift in user behavior, Kauffman needed help building a Google Adwords campaign that targeted their audience and attract new customers to their site.

Our Solution

We ran a top-to-bottom Google Adwords campaign that included everything from keyword research, to copywriting, to monthly performance monitoring and optimization. We built a campaign that seamlessly bridged the cognitive gap between the user’s search query and the landing page by strategically weaving keywords into copy that highlight the value of Kauffman’s expertise. Our solution included:

  • In depth discovery of client needs and extensive, geographically targeted keyword research.
  • Keyword optimized copywriting services for two unique landing pages that reinforce the value of the users action.
  • Advertisement copywriting.
  • Created distinct landing page design that drew attention to the form and differentiated pages from main site.
  • Reports and monthly tracking to monitor conversions and improve advertising campaign based on results of the campaign.


Over the course of six months, the campaign dramatically increased Kauffman Gas' exposure and for both current & prospective customers. Chris Kauffman noted that they won new business from a long-time customer when she discovered, through the ads and landing pages, that Kauffman also services fireplaces. Kauffman's heightened web presence helped this existing customer and 10 new customers reach out to Kauffman Gas for their expertise and services.