PM Solutions

Lead Generation Site Increases Online Inquiries by 27%


We saw a 27% increase in web inquiries from the year prior, and closed four of those opportunities which brought in more than $1.5M in revenue for the year.

Mary Yanocha, VP Sales and Marketing, PM Solutions

Business Challenge

PM Solutions' updated site highlights their expertise and effectively organizes their content martketing assets.

Our Solution

We implemented strategic information architecture, targeted copy and sophisticated design features to reinforce the firm’s respected reputation.

  • Live lead captures, webinars, white papers, and an extensive collection of articles are carefully organized in the Insights section. PM Solutions seamlessly manages these content marketing efforts & others using the powerful CMS that backs the site.
  • Effective “client-in” language targets client pain-points, communicating value of PM Solution’s services.
  • Responsive design optimizes the site’s content to the width of the user’s browser, allowing users to effectively access information from anywhere.


Less than a year after launch, PM Solutions recognized how the enhanced brand image and sophisticated site functionality have significantly improved their internal processes and generated  significant ROI. Content marketing efforts are streamlined and can be easily directed to the appropriate audience.

We’ve been highly impressed with Bright Orange Thread and their ability to make every vision or need we have come to life. The way you have integrated all of our insights material so that we can easily pick and choose what to pull as “related” on relevant pages is wonderful.

Michele Stephano
PM Solutions

PM Solutions'  thought leadership images and their valuable  content marketing insights conveyed through the site has clearly resonated with their audience. From a 27% increase in site inquiries, PM Solutions was able to close 4 important deals resulting in more than $1.5M in revenue.