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January 06, 2017 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

4 Marketing Activities to Outsource and Why

Marketing Teams Work Many Roles

Strategic Thinker. Communicator. Writer. Website manager. SEO expert. Designer.

But most marketing teams don’t have the resources to be experts in all of those things.

They stretch themselves too thin! And when this happens,
things start to look sloppy. Don’t put yourself in this position.

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Hiring a marketing expert will give you better quality marketing work and let your team focus on its core strengths.

4 Marketing Activities To Outsource & Why

Logo Design

Your logo will be on everything your company hands out. If that’s not reason enough to hire a professional designer, I don’t know what is. But you’d be surprised how often companies rely on the intern or somebody’s cousin’s, friend’s, uncle to get the job done.

Don’t hire somebody’s cousin’s, friend’s, uncle!

Choose a professional designer or marketing agency with a portfolio you feel evokes a style and level of polish you want for your brand. Here’s why:

  • Pure design taste: a skilled designer will have a more sophisticated eye. The quality shows throughout your branding and typography.

  • Connecting your value and culture: a logo speaks more about your company than you might realize. Conceptually connecting your value, company culture, and what you do into your logo doesn’t come for free!

Brand Assets

Branding doesn’t just stop at your logo. Everything you distribute should connect to your brand. This includes business cards, slide decks, print materials, whitepapers, and your website.

A professional designer will focus on continuity throughout your brand materials to make your brand look more polished.

Tip: Don’t hire a random freelancer

If you hire a freelancer for one project and want to design a new whitepaper 6 months later, there’s no guarantee that the freelancer will be around. Hire one designer or design agency you trust to be your go-to expert on all things design related.

Website Design

When it comes to your website, it might seem tempting to take the cheap, and sometimes free, route of DIY platforms like Wix and Weebly. These themes are often slick and professional. But a DIY website isn’t the best way to make a good first impression.

  • Template designs are generic

  • Usability matters

When a big part of B2B marketing is online lead generation, your website isn’t something to settle on.

Your website is responsible for making a good first impression for every visitor that lands on your homepage. All the moving parts need to work when they should. Forms and buttons all need to work and they need to look great.

A skilled designer will give you a great online look, one that's customized. A developer will make sure all of the technical parts work as intended.

Search Engine Optimization

Knowing what keywords and phrases to target is important. You know that. But do you know how to find out which search terms potential customers use most often?

Hiring an expert for some serious keyword research and SEO can pay off big. Doing both jobs yourself will take many, many hours. An SEO expert will know just how to analyze your site, pick out keywords and phrases, and add them to your web pages.

Creating the Best Content for Your Users Requires Outside Help

Outsourcing some of your marketing activities is an investment. But, it is an investment that will pay off almost immediately. As you hire experts to help you, you will see how the quality of your work and the productivity of your in-house team improves.

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