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December 08, 2015 By Barry Bright

5 Takeaways from the #EmailMasterClass

Last week, I brushed up on some email marketing stats and best practices with HubSpot’s Email Marketing Master Class.

I always tell companies that email should be the first platform they target (before diving into social media, be confident in your email marketing!). Why? Because email is still the most proven and effective inbound marketing medium (an ROI of 4,300% - boom!).

So we marketers have one big task on our hands—let’s get better at it!

My 5 Biggest Email Marketing Takeaways

(you can watch the webinar here)

Test Sending Emails in Different Batches.

Don’t send just one email based on your highest open rate time. Start segmenting your list and sending your emails in batches.

Your Metrics Tell You How Your Audience Behaves

Look more closely at your own metrics rather than comparing yourself to the industry averages. When you focus on what works for your audience - you can make more measurable improvements!

A/B Test Subject Lines for Higher Open Rates

Lackluster open rate? Assess your subject line. We learned that subject lines that contain our brand name get higher open rates. A/B test different subject lines to discover a formula that works for your audience.

Test Email Content to Increase Click-Throughs

Test different templates, offers, CTA styles (colors, placement, button vs. link), to see how you can increase engagement with your emails.

Optimize On-Site Offers to Move Users Down Your Sales Funnel

Once people are out of their inbox and onto your site - make them want to take the next step further down your sales funnel. Clear CTAs that match the message of your email, cleanly designed landing pages, simple forms are all ways to help you improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Start optimizing your emails and your offers

Take a look at the last few campaigns you sent and identify some trends. Start now by applying some of those insights to your next campaign.

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