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April 12, 2015 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

5 Ways to Boost Your Click Through Rate

Your website’s currency is measured in clicks, but most users are frugal. They need motivation to spend clicks.

Increase your CTR with buttons and links that look clickable and communicate the value behind the click. Doing this will encourage site exploration, reduce bounce rates and generate more leads.

Here are 5 things you can do to get more clicks:

Avoid Generic Labels

Since most people don’t read the entire heading, subhead and supporting paragraph; website’s really shouldn't be using the vague ‘read more’ button or any variation of it, but they do anyway.

More of what... A product? A portfolio? A white paper? All ‘read more’ tells people is that they’ll be reading more of something and not less of it. I can’t think of a less descriptive two word combination in the English language!

Use Descriptive Keywords

Specific terms carry more meaning and identify what's on the other side of that click that's so valuable:

Nielsen Norman Group discusses better alternatives in their post: "Learn More" Links: You Can Do Better. One appealing option is front-loading the link with a description of its destination.

Doing this will help prospects find what they’re looking for and help you get their business.

Make Links Look Clickable

Text links should be colored and underlined to maximize the 'perceived affordance' of click-ability. Pick a color that fits your brand and use it on every text link.

Can you guess what color we chose for Bright Orange Thread?

Use Buttons

Buttons stand out more than text links and create a higher perceived affordance of click-ability, but use them sparingly because too many buttons can be overwhelming.

Use Icons

Icons help indicate what kind of action the click will perform. You already know what these icons mean...

So don't be afraid to use them on buttons! Icons will help users navigate your site.

Still not getting enough clicks?

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