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March 02, 2016 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

A/B Testing Can Help Double Your B2B Landing Page Conversions

Targeted Testing Turns Online Lead Conversions from an Art into a Science

You've spent a few hours creating a landing page for your technology firm. You've connected your offer to a specific buyer persona. You've written keyword-rich copy targeted to your audience. You've perfected the layout and design through several iterations. You chose the perfect one. You've created ads with precise message match.

But it's been over a week, and the B2B landing page conversions are just not coming in.

Where did you go wrong? And how can you fix it before the losses mount too high?

One Element Can Sink Your B2B Landing Page

Writing a persuasive landing page is challenging. Everything has to work together – from the text to the headlines to the graphics and even the color choices. One tiny issue could sink a whole page, while one small tweak can double its power. Don’t believe it?

Just look at some of the many pages about exactly what color a buy button should be.

The truth is, there is no perfect landing page. But there is a way to figure out once and for all what really works for your business and your prospects.

A/B Split Testing Will Help You Optimize Your Landing Pages

A/B testing is the science of pitting two landing pages with the same conversion goal against one another in a digital cage match. Within a short time, you get a clear idea which page works best. You can use that knowledge to make your pages even better.

A/B testing landing pages can help you find what elements are more effective

Without proper testing, you won’t ever know how to effectively fix a non-converting B2B landing page or make a good one perform better. You're just guessing, and even the most experienced marketer will make many more wrong guesses than right ones.

Changing something as simple as the button color can double your online conversions.

How To Use A/B Testing To Increase Your Conversions

Repeating these simple steps for all of your campagins will help you multiply your landing page's conversion power.

  1. Develop one landing page for a specific offer targeted at a given buyer persona.
  2. Identify one aspect of the page you want to test. The rest of the landing page should remain the same. For example, change the call-to-action, the buy button color or the top headline – but not both. There should only be one difference between these pages.
  3. Duplicate the landing page, changing only the one factor you decided on.
  4. Use Google Analytics to split ad traffic 50/50 to each version of the page, then track your results.
  5. Identify the high-converting page, then create a new version of the winner with another small tweak – essentially creating a new A/B test. Follow the same thought process you did in steps two and three.
  6. Test the high-converting page against the tweaked one until the tweaked version wins.

Using this process, you’ll get failure out of the way fast and start to improve on your landing page in an iterative way. Since you can’t ask your prospects why they didn’t convert, this is the best way to get insight into what really works for them.

A/B Testing Transforms B2B Lead Generation from an Art into a Science With Repeatable Results

A/B testing will improve your B2B lead generation of new campaigns by making your landing pages more effective. Testing delivers that measurable ROI fast. A/B testing your technology firm's B2B landing page also helps future campaign conversions.

It will help you:

  • Recognize what types of copy, design, and offerse are compelling for your prospects, supporting future launches.
  • See results from your marketing efforts faster

Once you know your landing pages have the power to generate 2x the leads, there's only one thing left to do.

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