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May 23, 2008 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

A Customized Online Resource Center Helps Non-Profit Improve Efficiency and Fulfill its Mission

Business Challenge

The Parent Information Center of Delaware (PIC) provides information,education and support to parents of disabled and special needs children. Both parents and employees need to tap into the agency’s extensive online network to find relevant resources. But what is the best way to categorize and display such vast amounts of information?

The client asked Bright Orange Thread for a website that would

  • Facilitate the collection and sharing of information
  • Make agency resources accessible to people in need
  • Reduce the need for costly printed newsletters.
Bright Orange Thread Solution

After interviewing PIC executives and conducting a thorough analysis of the agency’s resources, BOT:

  • Created an Online Resource Center that organized resources into broad categories, allowing visitors to find relevant links quickly and easily
  • Categorized more than 700 resources into a database to feed the resource center
  • Redesigned the website to create a more user-friendly environment for both parents and agency employees
  • Allowed PIC to reduce printed newsletter mailings

Thanks to BOT’s easy-to-use online resource center, PIC employees could process a greater number of referral calls and information requests. By improving efficiency and saving money on newsletters, PIC could better serve its constituents and fulfill its overall mision.

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