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How To Write An About Page For Your Propane Company That Doesn’t Make People Yawn

September 29, 2017 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

How To Write An About Page For Your Propane Company That Doesn’t Make People Yawn

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: your About Page is your second most visited page on your website. It’s only outmatched by your homepage, so make it count!

Unfortunately, many propane companies use the About Page to tell their business’ complete history and make it all about them.

This is a mistake, and it’s an all too common one.

Of course, you should be proud that your propane company has been family-owned and operated in the same area for many decades. But that doesn’t mean you should put your web visitors to sleep with a history lesson. Exhibit A:


Stories about the past don’t tell the customer how you can help solve their problems right now.

This About Page starting with “A Long History of Satisfied Customers” probably induces yawns in the middle of paragraph 1. It doesn’t differentiate the company or entice visitors to join other satisfied customers.

Instead of putting visitors to sleep, use your About Page to:

  • Prove value by offering solutions
  • Show credibility through customer testimonials
  • Be a candid representation of who you are

Most importantly, write your About Page so that your prospects know what problems you solve. Too many About Pages use impersonal, formal phrases that are boring and unrelatable. You might recognize some of these phrases:

  • “Founded in 19xx” - This historical fact is likely more important to you than to your customers. Sure, it may be worth mentioning your company has been in the family for 4 generations. But they can assume you’ve been in business a long time without a math problem.

  • “Our Mission/Mission Statement” - Your customers aren’t investors, and you aren’t a non-profit. So when they read this heading, they expect a triple-compounded, confusing sentence that says you are doing your best. Skip it!

  • “Letter from the CEO” - This is typically a one-way address with prospects. So people are likely to skip reading it. Scrap it.

Keep your About Page friendly and interesting. That way you’ll connect with prospective customers better and build more trust.


Here are our tips on writing a winning About Page for your propane company:

Summarize what you do & how you help your customer

Start your About Page by summing up what your company does in one sentence. It’s important to confirm that you provide the solution to your prospective customer’s Google search, which was probably:

“Propane delivery services”

Next, differentiate yourself from your competitors by telling the prospective customer how they’ll benefit from your services.

Do you offer full-service maintenance that means they don’t have to shop around? Tell them.

Or perhaps you offer a new customer sign-on discount that can’t be beaten. Make it known!

Standing out from the competition is a key goal for your About Page.

Use facts instead of superlatives

Customers need to trust that you’re the right company to fulfill their propane needs. Win their trust by offering facts and statistics to reassure your potential customers that you take your business seriously:

  • “We offer a 24-hour emergency service which answers 100% of incoming calls.”
  • “Our automatic delivery service ensures ZERO customers run out of propane.”

Avoid mentioning every single award your propane company has won or claiming you’re the best at everything. Only bring up the accolades that strengthen your value to the prospect.

Let your customers do the talking

It’s better to have someone else say you provide great propane service rather than saying it yourself.

Customer testimonials or reviews add credibility to your company as an excellent service provider.


Your current customers can become your best advertisements if they give you praise you can use as testimonials on your About Page.

You could even ask current customers to submit reviews of your services on online directories such as Yelp! People will trust the word of paying customers more than any sales pitch, and third-party directories are a source for honest words from other customers.

With an inventory of positive reviews, you’ll give a prospect more confidence in your service. That will move them one step closer to calling your sales team.

Keep it friendly & candid

The tone of your About Page communicates who you are as a company. Are you a friendly, service-oriented company? Or a super formal company whose disconnected from your customers?

Write in a friendly, conversational tone. Nobody wants to sign a service contract with a propane company they think is cold and rigid. They’re hiring you to keep warm, after all. If you’re one of the many family-owned and operated companies, talk to web visitors like they’re family.

Speaking candidly increases trust with your potential propane buyers. Trust is everything in the local service industry. Trust is what:

  • Builds your brand
  • Renews contracts
  • Garners customer referrals

Use real photos of your staff

Nothing kills the personability of your About Page more than stock photos of models.


This is Propane Paul. He’s our fake propane delivery driver who puts his jeans on one leg at a time, and he’s just like you! He’s also in many “truck driver thumbs up” related stock photo on Google...

If you provide such great service, why not snap a few pictures of your hard working staff?

Candid photos add to the authentic vibe on your About Page that builds trust with prospects. Be authentic. People don’t want to do business with stock models; they want to do business with real people.

Put photos on your About Page including everyone from the CEO down to the new hire. Include these pictures as they fit with the content (your web visitors don’t need a staff directory). You can even take a group selfie as long as it’s a well-organized shot: keep it professional.

Guide them to the next page

Whether linked to related text on your About Page or below all the content, redirect your prospective customers to other places on your website with links to:

  • Propane Services Pages
  • Local Landing Pages (their service area)
  • Contact Page

You might put contact information right on the page too. The faster you can get them on the phone, the faster you can turn them into a paying customer.

Give them an offer they can’t refuse

Lastly, you should place a call-to-action on your About Page. Give them an offer, such as a white paper on “How Underground Propane Installation Works” or a comparison chart of your services versus the competition.

You’ll become a more valuable propane resource for prospects if you give them more information to digest. Offering them content on your About Page can move them one step closer to becoming your lead or customer.

Grow your About Page with your business

Yes, you may have hard facts about your propane service on the page, but as time goes on your stats will change. Your services might change too. You need to keep adapting your About Page along the way.

There’s no foolproof method to About Pages. Test out different phrasing and media (pictures & video) to see what pulls the best reactions from people. You can do this by:

  • Asking friends outside the office to read your About Page & then describe your business
  • Finding a call-to-action or offer that resonates with the newcomers reading your About Page

Your About Page can make or break your first impression on prospects, so always keep it up to date and always consider it a work-in-progress. Your About Page should grow with your company.


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