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January 05, 2018 By Rachael Crowley

BOT’s Most Read 5 Marketing Blog Posts of 2017

Ring in 2018 with a look back at our top marketing blog posts in the past year. Brush up on best practices you might have missed or forgotten during the holiday rush.

5 Best Practices for B2B Marketing Strategies


These evergreen B2B marketing practices ring true for all B2B companies. Point #1 is especially important in today’s competitive market: Build trust with your leads. Read all of the best practices.

Traffic Sources: 91% Organic | 6% Direct | 3% Referral

6 Musts When Redesigning Your Propane Website

A website is the online face of a propane company’s business—and the cornerstone of its marketing strategy. If you’re considering redoing your website in 2018, start here.

Traffic Sources: 58% Direct | 36% Organic | 6% Referral

Blogging Best Practices: Calls to Action that Convert

If you’re driving traffic to your blog, it’s time to start leveraging that traffic to drive business. Strategically placed calls to action on your blog provide more information and convert blog visitors to leads. Here’s how to incorporate CTAs into your blog posts.

Traffic Sources: 78% Organic | 8% Referral | 7% Direct | 7% Email

6 Ways to Improve Local SEO Ranking for Your Propane Delivery Company


Single location propane companies face competition from local and national competitors. Local pages can help small propane companies dominate search results without needing to put a pin on the map. Learn how to dominate local search.

Traffic Sources: 45% Organic | 26% Email | 16% Direct | 13% Referral

Ways VP’s of Marketing Can Focus on Their B2B Marketing Plan

Once you have your marketing plan down, the hardest thing to do is stick to it. VPs of marketing get weighed down trudging through the tactical mud and run out of time to execute all of their ideas. But there’s hope. Here’s how to stick to the plan and get out of the mud.

Traffic Sources: 86% Organic | 13% Emai | 1% Referral

More Insights Coming Soon

We are looking forward to sharing more of our marketing insights with you in 2018. Is there a marketing subject you want explained? Write us about it.

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