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Brochure Vs. Lead Generation Websites for Propane Companies

August 21, 2017 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Brochure Vs. Lead Generation Websites for Propane Companies

When you’re looking to buy a house, I doubt you look at one brochure and pull out your pen to sign the deed.


You want to walk inside the house. Look around. Get it inspected. Ask the realtor some questions. Maybe even say “hi” to the neighbors.

This same concept applies to your propane gas company’s website.


Website Visitors Want More Than an
Informational Brochure

They want the full 360-experience. For your propane gas website, this means your site should include offers, testimonials, propane gas calculators, blog posts, and more.

While brochure sites prove you exist, they’re not enough.

A lead generation site can help your propane company take on more business.

First, let’s discuss what differentiates the two types of sites.

Brochure Sites vs. Lead Gen Sites

Brochure websites only prove you exist

A brochure website is like a paper brochure that’s translated online. A brochure site presents basic information about your company and shows how customers can contact you.

The only interaction a brochure site offers is a phone number or email link. It confirms your propane company’s existence online, but it offers little more.

Caution: dated sites raise questions about your business

If your website looks like it’s 10 years old, a visitor might wonder if you’re still in business. Keeping your website with the times conveys that your business is modern in more ways than one. For customers seeking a modern propane company, this might mean conveniences like auto pay and auto delivery.
The first step in creating a strong website starts with your homepage. Here are 5 things your homepage must do.

Lead generation website collect sales opportunities

A lead generation (lead gen) website has 10-times the handy information of a brochure site, plus:

  • A way for an interested prospect to sign up or raise their hand and give you contact information
  • At least one offer and online form
  • Content that engages the reader and attracts search engines

Although brochure sites are common for local propane companies (because they cost less and takes up less time to maintain) brochure sites are not enough.


Brochure sites don’t help you collect new sales opportunities.

How a Lead Generation Website Can Help Your Propane Company

Even if your propane company has limited time and resources, a lead generation site is worth the investment. Almost immediately, investing in a lead generation site will boost the number of leads and calls your sales team has to field.

Here are some things a lead gen website can do for your company:

Attract More Visitors From Search Engines

Lead gen websites bring in more visitors via search engines for two reasons:

  1. More website content increases website rankings
    Because lead gen sites typically have more content (blogs, offers, etc.), they have a higher chance of ranking in search engines than a smaller, 5-page website.
    For more information on how blogging can transform your small propane business, check out this article.
  2. Content is optimized for humans & search engines
    The nature of building a lead generation site means you are building content that answers prospect questions. When you do this and take the care to optimize content with relevant keywords, you will rank higher in search.

Considering that almost half of all Google searches are local, it’s important that you ideal customers can find you in their search results. If you don’t show up on the first page of search results, chances are they aren’t going to find your website.

In fact, 3 in 4 users don’t go past the first page of search results. But, lead generation sites use keywords to make sure your website and content make it on the first page.

Local searches have also been proven to deliver better ROI for small businesses than any other marketing channel. So, a lead generation website is one of the best ways to deliver value from your marketing efforts.

Fill Your Sales Pipeline by Turning Anonymous Visits into Leads

Lead generation sites make it easier for prospects to contact your sales team through online forms. Online forms increase leads in the pipeline because it makes it easy for your prospective customers to contact you without having to pick up the phone.

In other words, it gives people more options to contact you on their terms!

Invest Marketing Dollars Where You'll Gain Best ROI

Forms are also valuable because they give you specific points to measure success.

With a brochure site, you measure success based solely on the amount of traffic to your site.

But forms provide a way for you to measure conversions. Counting the number of leads your website generates, the conversion rate (traffic to leads), or other metrics means you can make decisions on where to improve and how to invest your marketing dollars.

For example, if paid search is generating more traffic AND conversions, it makes sense to increase your paid search budget. But if it is generating traffic and no conversions, you might have to look at other factors.

Win More Leads & Close More Sales With Your Website

To summarize, you can choose to utilize your website in one of two basic ways to utilize your website:

  • To prove you exist to website visitors
  • To convert website visitors into leads for your sales team.

If you think your prospects are searching for you online (hint, they are), then a lead generation website is the first step in investing your marketing dollars.


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