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February 15, 2011 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Business + Facebook: Be Social!

To say that Facebook is a hot trend right now is an understatement. It seems like every business has a page, but does every business need one? Obviously, there is value in keeping with the times, but for some businesses, this is the only immediate benefit they'll get out of a Facebook page.

What about increasing brand visibility and generating leads through Facebook?

It's true, many businesses have done these things through Facebook. But their success comes from doing other marketing right first.

By joining social media spaces like Facebook, you are entering a room full of people and conversations (and lots of 'em). You're lucky if someone approaches you first, but let's be honest, who wants to talk to the wallflower at the party? If you really want to get noticed by others, you better look your best and come prepared with conversation-starters, i.e., your Content Marketing strategy.

Starting Conversations: "Haven't we met before?"

Facebook is not a replacement marketing tool, but rather a secondary tool that should be used to disseminate the compelling content you already have. Our philosophy is this: Businesses must first have a strong line of communication with clients via Content Marketing before jumping into Social Media. More specifically, businesses must find success in Email Marketing before Social Media.

Why email first?

Because Email Marketing is easier to get started with and has better Analytics to help you see how your readers respond. When you decide to use Facebook, you’ll be better prepared to make friends and start some conversations. Plus, your email subscribers can become your first fans!

Building a Community: "You know my friend Bill, right?"

Unlike traditional “one-way” forms of marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is about using these conversations to build communities (of followers, friends, fans, connections). If your content and your conversations are compelling, your Facebook friends will share it with their friends.

Facebook Gut Check

Before you dive into Facebook, answer these questions first:
  • Do I know my target audience? (If your Email Marketing is going well, then the answer is "Yes.")
  • Do I have the compelling content for those spaces?
  • Do I have the time or budget to find online spaces to promote the company?
  • Am I ready to monitor those spaces daily or weekly?

If you're going to be involved in Social Media, be social. Have something to say and share, and you'll see better results.

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