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February 22, 2012 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Chunkify! Watch a web page transform itself with each click.

All of our efforts to inform clients, friends, and fellow designers on the issues of writing for the web have led to this… the launching of Chunkify!, an interactive experience that gives you the power to transform long, hard-to-read web page copy into scannable, user-friendly web page copy.

What's Chunkify! all about?

Chunkify! is about exposing the truth behind user reading behavior on the web: Users don't read web pages, they scan them.

To make our point, we wrote copy for a fake company web page that closely resembles many real websites. Then we rewrote the page to be more user-friendly and easily scanned by visitors.

And along the way we explain the 'best practice' behind each change.

Why we created Chunkify!

We created Chunkify! to help people visualize the positive impact chunkifying has on a web page's appearance, and ultimately, the likelihood of users reading (well, scanning) web copy.

Our clients are more than familiar with the concept of writing for the web, as web writing best practices are often included in our blog posts and discussions. We even offer training sessions and webinars about writing for the web. It was then, during those sessions, we realized how much we needed to get the word out.

That word is "chunkify" and we’re hoping it will come to symbolize reader-friendly web writing practices:

  • Short, concise paragraphs
  • Descriptive subheadings
  • Bulleted lists

…just to name a few.

Many more writing for the web tips are covered in Chunkify!, so
check it out and watch the web page transform before your eyes.

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