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Get More Winter Propane Leads by Putting Your Phone Number at the Top of Your Website

February 12, 2019 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Get More Winter Propane Leads by Putting Your Phone Number at the Top of Your Website

The busy winter propane season is well underway. Your phone is probably already ringing off the hook. 

People who are running out of heat and need help ASAP are looking at your website for your phone number so they can call you for fast service.

But if they can't find your phone number easily when they click on your site, that's one less call you will get. 

Like many companies, your website may only list your phone number on your contact page, instead of at the top of the page, where it belongs. In fact, 56 out of 100 propane sites we checked out make it hard to find the phone number.

You would think website visitors would be more than willing to click through to your contact page to find your number.

However, many times they’re not. If they can't find your number quickly, it's easier for them to move on to the next provider's site instead of digging around on yours.

For propane salespeople, the phone is a faster and better way to communicate during the busy season. It makes it easier for you to understand what customers need, and it helps keep your email inbox from clogging up all day.

Don't miss out on these easy sales opportunities! Make calling your company convenient by placing your phone number in the top header of your website. It should take no more than 15 minutes and can do wonders for growing your gallons.


This phone icon and hyperlink underline tells a prospect that this phone number is clickable, and they can call with one click!

Making this small but important change means you may start receiving more calls than your sales team is used to handling, which isn't a bad thing. 

Read more about the 3 long-term payoffs of adding your phone number to the top of your website.

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